I started using Elsha in 1971. The men's store in San Francisco where I would buy Elsha when I travelled to SF went out of business. For too many years, I was not able to find it anywhere. Once the net came on the scene and we had search engines, i.e., Google, I re-found Elsha thru your website. Such a unique scent. I work with the public, and I am not exaggerating one bit when I tell you that I get comments all the time about the lasting scent. I hope my referrals to elsha.com expands the base of Elsha lovers. Thanks very much! John


I absolutely LOVE Elsha. Man or woman, the scent just fits. My husband is 6'5" and wears this now as his daily choice of scent. I'm sooooo glad I found you and will definately buy again! Does Elsha come in a spray, like purse size, if not, something to think about. Thanks again for your wonderful product!


I have worn Elsha, 1776, and no other cologne , since I started wearing cologne as a teenager over a half century ago. I grew up in Idaho, where I could buy Elsha at the local menís store. I later went to college in Utah, where I also had Elsha available. After college and the Army I moved to Nevada. Elsha was available in one menís store here but only for about five years. After that I had to rely on my standing order for Elsha at Christmas and Birthdays from relatives in Utah. I am very happy to find this site. It takes the worry out of running. After all, as you know, there is nothing else like Elsha!



------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Your cologne has been my own scent for almost 15 years. I have watched the price go up and still it is cheaper than most other colognes. So let me say thank you so very much for making something I enjoy so very much.

Michael Grayson


I was so pleased when I discovered (after a burst of inspiration!) the Elsha website and learned 1776 can be ordered and delivered...as you all undoubtedly know, there's something so special about this fragrance that any other choice becomes a poor "second"!

Rating Excellent I can't imagine how I could have received service any better than I did! Because "they" knew I was ordering Elsha "1776" cologne as a birthday gift, it was shipped using a special "fastest" delivery - at no charge to me, and without my having requested the special treatment! I was very, very pleased to find the product available on line, and now, of course, am even more pleased knowing I can depend on prompt, courteous , service. I can highly recommend both the product and the on-line store - have YOU tried Elsha? !

Lynn J. Bulgar

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I would like to thank you for having this product on the net. I have been looking for it for years. Every time I go into a different town I go to their mall to find it. I have a 4oz. bottle that has lasted me over 10 yrs because I couldn't find it I tried to make it last. I don't like any other kind of cologne. Again thank you for putting it out on the net.

A loyal Elsha user.

John Wixom


I am thrilled! I was introduced to ELSHA cologne almost 40 years ago and, I started selling it in my hair salon, J.W.Laney Hair Design in Akron Ohio over 30 years ago. I moved to NYC in 1980 and lost your address. I never thought I would never find you again. Thanks to www. here you are. I am looking forward to using ELSHA once again.



I just want to thank you for making ELSHA available to me once again. My father wore ELSHA and it was a scent that I have always dearly loved. My father passed away in 1996, and a few years later I found your site. I ordered the cologne for sentimental reasons, and have kept it for the wonderful feeling it elicits - not to mention the incredibly wonderful scent!

My sons, now in their mid twenties, found my "stash" and I have been instructed to order some for them. I intend to do just that as birthday gifts, so orders will follow in months to come. But I just wanted everyone to know that ELSHA is not just for those who are old enough to remember when it was available in men's stores, but the young men today love it as well! It is a man's scent, and it is timeless.

Thank you,